PVC Fitting Covers

PVC Fitting Covers are thermal insulation for pipe fittings including 90° & 45° elbows, tees, valves and many other difficult to insulate areas of piping.  PVC Fitting Covers provide insulation for pipe fittings with the use of a fiberglass blanket insulation (called an insert).  The fiberglass insert is first wrapped around the bare pipe fitting.  The insert is then covered with the PVC Fitting cover. 

PVC Fitting Covers provide both a thermal insulation value as well as a clean finished appearance.  Buy Insulation Products sell PVC Insulation Fitting Covers for all types of pipe connectors, including pipe elbows, Tees / Valves, Victaulic Grooved Fittings, Flanges, Unions, Roof Drains, P-Traps etc.

The PVC Fitting Covers are a thin 20 mil PVC plastic which has a glossy white appearance.  All of the PVC Fitting Covers sold on our site are 25/50 flame & smoke rated.  All of the standard white fitting covers are made with PVC infused with UV inhibitors which allow the fitting covers to be installed both indoor and outdoor.

All of our pipe insulation fittings can also be custom ordered in a variety of colors if needed.  See our Color PVC Fitting & Jacketing Products

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