Buy Insulation Products offers complete lines of smoke damage and mold cleanup products, as well as lead removal products.

Lead Removal:  Lead in homes and buildings should not be overlooked as ingestion of lead can cause lead poisoning in children and adults.  Lead containting materials such as paint chips taste sweet to children. 

Mold Removal: Mold is a common problem in most buildings, especially those with moisture issues stemming from leaky pipes, roofs, or poor insulation. Prolonged exposure to molds can result in rashes, respiratory issues, and other life-threatening conditions.

Smoke Restoration: After a fire, smoke leaves behind unsightly discoloration and odors. Luckily, professional smoke damage cleanup products are available to remediate mild to severe smoke damage.

Disaster Restoration: Homes and buildings can suffer serious damage during floods, fires, and other natural disasters. Common issues include stains, mold, and lingering odors, all of which can be treated using commercial-grade restoration products.

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