Amcraft Duct Board Tools

Amcraft cutting and kerfing tools are designed for hand fabrication of fiberglass duct board to make HVAC ducts out of fiberglass insulation.Kerfing tools contain sharp blades which are run through the interior layer (black side) of the fiberglass duct board to make grooves or shiplap cuts.  Once all of the cuts are made, the fiberglass board is then folded together and stapled/taped shut.

There are 2 Basic Grooving Duct Board Methods:

1. The V-Groove Method: This method notches out a V shaped groove which allows the board to close in a mitered fashion. (RED TOOL)


2. The Shiplap Method: This method requires reversing the the modified shiplap cut (upside down L) to allow a tight corner closure. (ORANGE TOOL)


The Blue Tool is the end cutoff tool and is used to cut off the ends of the board.  This tool can be adjusted to be with our without shiplap and with out without skinner (down to facing). 

If a section of duct is less than the standard 4 feet, the Cuts-All tool allows a folded duct's exposed edge to be a male or female shiplap for easy connection between ducts.

When coming off the supply/return ductwork with flexible duct hoses the Round Hole Cutter makes precise cuts for easy collar connections.

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