Fire Blanket

We carry a wide range of industry-leading fire blankets for sale here at Buy Insulation Products. Fire rated insulation blankets are passive fire protection insulation systems which help prevent the spread of fire through the protected ductwork. Unifrax Fyrewrap Elite 1.5 and 3M Fire Barrier 615+ are fire rated insulation blankets that are used to fire protect air ventilation ducts, kitchen exhaust ducts, grease ductwork, and lab chemical fume exhaust ducts. Unifrax PlenumWrap is wrapped around any combustible materials that run through an air plenum (pvc pipes, internet cables, electrical wiring, etc). Unifrax DPS Dryer Exhaust Vent is used to insulate dryer exhaust duct work in wood construction projects; this exhaust insulation blanket is very common in townhomes. 3M Interam E-5A-4 is an endothermic mat which releases chemically-bound water at exessive temperatures to effectively fire protect steel beams, fire system electrical components and wiring, etc. Browse our selection of high temp insulation blankets below to find one that meets your needs.

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