PVC Fitting Covers

PVC Fitting Covers are used to insulate PVC pipe fittings with the use of fiberglass blanket insulation, which is then covered by the PVC insulation fitting covers, which gives a clean appearance. We sell PVC Insulation Fitting Covers for all types of PVC Pipe Connectors, including PVC pipe elbows, Tees / Valves, Victaulic Grooved Fittings, Flanges, Unions, Roof Drains, P-Traps etc. The PVC Fitting Covers are a thin PVC plastic which has a glossy white appearance. All of our pipe insulation fittings can also be custom ordered in a variety of colors if needed. (Please contact us for pricing).

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  • PVC 45° Deg Elbow Cover

    Proto / JM

    PVC 45° Deg Elbow Cover

    PVC 45° Degree Elbow Covers are used to insulate 45 degree pipe elbows.  Each fit

    Price: $1.28

  • PVC Tee / Valve Cover

    Proto / JM

    PVC Tee / Valve Cover

    White PVC Tee / Valve Cover for creating a clean and professional appearance on all pipe t

    Price: $2.31

  • PVC Union Cover

    Proto / JM

    PVC Union Cover

    PVC Union Covers are thermoformed PVC covers designed to insulate pipe unions and connectors that pr

    Price: $8.55

  • PVC End Caps

    Proto / JM

    PVC End Caps

    White Circular PVC Pipe End Caps for insulated pipes. These plastic pipe caps are placed anywhe

    Price: $0.36

  • PVC Y-Strainer

    Proto / JM

    PVC Y-Strainer

    PVC Y-Strainer Covers are specifically designed as a protective covering for Lateral Y-Strainers als

    Price: $11.28
  • PVC Line Flange Cover

    Proto / JM

    PVC Line Flange Cover

    PVC flange covers are used to accommodate the bump out of pipe flanges at adjoining pipes.  Pip

    Price: $9.72

  • PVC P Trap Cover

    Proto / JM

    PVC P Trap Cover

    PVC P-Trap Covers are premolded fitting covers designed to cover insulated drain P-traps to create a

    Price: $14.99

  • PVC Roof Drain Cover

    Proto / JM

    PVC Roof Drain Cover

    PVC Roof Drain Covers are for roof sumps with drains. The Roof Drain cover has dimensions of a 20" d

    Price: $35.90