Fire-Rated Duct Wrap

Fire-Rated Duct Wrap is used as a passive fire protection insulation on ductwork to prevent the spread of fire throughout a commercial building.  Buy Insulation Product distributes both Unifrax Elite 1.5 Fyrewrap and 3M Fire Barrier 615+ which are both used on air ventilation ducts and commercial kitchen grease ducts. Both fire blanket insulation products require a double layer for grease ducts while an air ventilation shaft requires only one single layer. Unifrax also manufacturers Fyrewrap Plenum Firestop Wrap 0.5, which is a half inch thick. Fyrewrap fire barrier blankets are designed to provide a fire-rating on combustible materials running through air-plenums. Plenum Wrap can be encased around PVC piping, plastic coated internet/Ethernet cables, electrical wiring, and any other combustible material.  Unifrax Fyrewrap DPS is used to provide the necessary fire-rating for dryer exhaust vents in wood framed commercial and residential buildings.  3M Iteram Endothermic Mat is used as a fire protection on fuel lines, integral fire alarm control wiring, etc. Contact our team to learn more or shop below to find fire-rated insulation for your building!

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