Self-Sticking Insulation Pins

Self-Sticking Insulation Pins also known as Stick Pins are used to fasten duct wrap insulation to sheet metal ductwork.  Stick pins are commonly used on the bottom of a duct to prevent the sagging of fiberglass ductwrap insulation. 

The 2" square base of these duct insulation pins has a self-adhesive foam backing which provides quick and easy application to clean metal surfaces.  Please note that insulation Stick Pins adhere best to clean metal surfaces.  Make sure to clear away any dust, oil, or rust prior to installing the Stick Pins.  Stick Pins should not be used on painted ductwork or older/dirty ducts.  For longer pins, or for a stronger hold, you may be interested in Perf Pins which are secured with pin adhesive or fasteners.

To install insulation Self Sticking Pins, remove release paper backing and apply to the duct with firm pressure.  Install 1 Stick Pin for ever square foot of duct wrap.  There should be 1 pin every 12 inches in every direction (12" x 12" grid).  Do not exceed more than 3 lbs per pin (0.75 lb/sf).  Pierce the insulation onto to pin of these hangers and hold it in place with a self locking washer.  Duct pins are for lightweight applications only.

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