Green Glue Whisper Clips

Green Glue Whisper Clips are a highly effective yet cost efficient isolation clip (Volume Discount Available) for use with hat channel on soundproof ceilings and walls.  Green Glue Whisper Clips are one of the highest STC rated clips on the market (STC 63 - double drywall both sides of wall). These professional soundproofing clips were designed, engineered and UL tested by The Green Glue Company a division of Saint-Gobain. Each Whisper Clip is rated to hold up to 46lbs per clip which is equivalent to 4 layers of drywall.  The Green Glue Whisper Clip base requires 2 screws, which can be fastened after the hat channel is installed onto the clips.  This allows a quick and easy install without any issues with racking/bending of the hat channel.

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