Duct Insulation Pins & Fasteners

HVAC Insulation, including both fiberglass duct board insulation and fiberglass duct wrap, must be pinned onto the HVAC ductwork using duct insulation fasteners. This product category contains all the duct insulation pins, fasteners, and clips used for HVAC insulation.

Buy Insulation Products offers a wide range of HVAC Insulation Pins & Fasteners for all types of insulations and applications.

  • Self-Sticking Insulation Hangers: The 2" square base of these pins has a self-adhesive foam backing which provides quick and easy applications.  Pierce the insulation onto the pin of these hangers and hold it in place with a lock washer.  For lightweight applications only.
  • Perforated Base Insulation Hangers: The 2" square base of these pins is perforated to allow adhesive to form a secure grip.  Perf-Pins are the most popular hangers as they are the strongest and come in a wide variety of lengths up to 12-1/2 inches long.
  • Mini-Cupped Weld Pins: These insulation pins actually weld to the sheet metal duct and the head of the pin holds the insulation in place. A pin welder machine is required for these insulation fasteners.
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