Having a water pipe freeze during the winter can be an insurance and clean-up nightmare.  Worrying about your pipes freezing can be nerve wracking as well.  Installing an electrical pipe heating cable along with fiberglass pipe insulation can help ease your worries and greatly reduce your chances of a pipe freeze this winter.

Wrap-On Pipe Heating Cables are used to prevent hot and cold water lines from freezing during the winter months. Wrap-On heating cables for pipes include a built in thermostat that turns the cable on only when the cable is needed Having a built in thermostat helps reduces the amount of electricty used during the winter.  Wrap-On pipe heating cables are easy to use and can simply plug in like a 3-prong extension cord (no need for an electrician).  Adding fiberglass pipe insulation over the electric heating cable wrap is highly recommended to limit electrical use and ensure the piping does not freeze.

Buy Insulation offer a selection of heat traces for pipes depending on your needs. We stock pipe heating cables from 3ft long up to 100ft long!  Browse our heat tape for pipes with thermostats or contact us today for more information!

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