When insulating horizontal piping an insulator must take the pipe supports into consideration.  In new piping installs, the mechanical contractor or plumber should install insulated pipe supports at each hanger point.  These insulated pipe supports will allow a continuous insulation system and will also provide weight support to prevent the crushing or squishing of the insulation at each hanger.

Types of Pipe Hangers & Insulated Pipe Supports:

  • Fiberglass H-Blocks:  H-Blocks are rectangular blocks of high density molded fiberglass which are inserted into the bottom piece of pipe insulation at the pipe support location.  This high density fiberglass pipe support prevents the pipe insulation from crushing and maintains the insulation R-value. 
  • Insulation Support Pegs: Wooden dowels adhered to a thick PVC round disc are inserted into the pipe insulation with use of the Hole Carver Tool.  A simple piece of ASJ tape over the peg and you are done.  The quickest and easiest way to install a pipe support.
  • Pipe Insulation Shields:  Made from galvanized steel, these 12" long curved shields protect the pipe insulation at the point of support.  These types of support can be clevis hangers, strut bars, or straps.  The shield protects the insulation jacket from tearing/rubbing against the support.
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