Green Glue Joist Tape

Trying to eliminate those annoying floor squeaks?  Green Glue Noiseproofing Joist Tape will help greatly reduce the amount of friction based floor creaks and squeaks between floor joists and the sub-floor.  Green Glue Joist Tape is applied directly to the top of the floor joists prior to the installation of the sub-floor.  The tape will stop the transmission of footsteps and squeaks to the space below.  These common floor squeaks are transmitted through vibrational rubbing between the sub-floor and floor joists.  By installing Green Glue acoustic joist tape between these materials, the rubbing is eliminated along with most squeaks.  For larger projects consider purchasing a Green Glue Joist Tape Roller which helps speed up the installation of joist tape.

Joist tape is also effective in isolation and noise damping when applied to wall studs or hat channel prior to drywall installation.

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