One of the advantages of the mechanical insulator trade is the limited amount (and cost $$) of tools that are required to complete an insulation project.  For most pipe insulation projects, the most expensive tool on the job is the step ladder (we do not sell ladders).  For duct insulation projects the priciest tool would be the CD pin welder machine.  Because we have dozens of different pipe insulation tools we found it productive to make an "Insulator's Favorite Tools" category to highlight the most widely used tools in the trade. If we had to choose the very most important insulator tool it would be hands down the insulator knife which is an absolute must for any project that requires pipe insulation tools. We have a full line of different types and sizes of mechanical insulation tools, including knives and blades, as part of the Insulator Knives category. Please peruse our wide variety of tool sub-categories to discover that hard to find insulator tool you have been looking for. 

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