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Each (with Fiberglass Insert)

White PVC Tee / Valve Cover for creating a clean and professional appearance on all pipe tee intersections and valve covers.  The top part of the tee / valve cover is solid which allows reducing to a smaller pipe on the top or allowing just the valve stem to stick up outside the cover.  Simply cut the top part of the cover to the outside diameter of the smaller pipe or valve stem with a pair of scissors.

Installation Methods:
1.) Use serrated stainless steel King Tacks which are pressed through the overlapping pieces of the fitting cover and will hold them securely. (Steam, Hot Water, etc)
2.) Use PVC Vinyl Z-Tape to seal the fitting cover to the fiberglass pipe insulation. (Cold Water, Chilled Liquid, etc)
3.) Use Proto One PVC Adhesive to glue the seams of the fitting cover. (Exterior Piping, USDA, Washdown Area, etc)
*Tacks, Vinyl Tape, and Adhesive are sold separately.

*PVC Tee / Valve Covers are available in 13 high gloss Colors!

Use the link below to view the PVC Size Chart to see what size PVC Tee / Valve Cover you need.  The PVC Fitting Size is based on both the size of the pipe and the thickness of the insulation.



*Example:  You have a main steam supply pipe that is 2" Iron with 1" thick pipe insulation (2 x 1).  The supply pipe then has branches that go to 1-1/4" pipe what you are insulating with 1" thick insulation as well (1-1/4 x 1).  The size of PVC tee covers to order is based on the 2" Iron pipe (2 x 1 = #11).  You would then cut the closed top of the tee to fit the 1-1/4 x 1 pipe insulation on each tee.

Unit Of Measure:
Each (with Fiberglass Insert)
  • 5
    pvc tee

    Posted by Larry T. on 14th Dec 2023

    high quality part fits good

  • 2
    pvc fitting tee

    Posted by Thomas G. on 29th Oct 2023

    Barely enough diameter to fit around insulation to be able to pin.

  • 3
    Tricky to trim

    Posted by Jim on 22nd Sep 2023

    The Tee is not the same as the one in the picture. They are flat across the top of the tee and it is hard to trim the opening to size.

    *While the photo may not show it, the top of the tee is solid, so if you have an equal tee, cut the entire blank off with a scissor. If its a reducing tee, mark the blank part with the diameter of the pipe insulation and trim it. ~ BIP

  • 4

    Posted by Ian on 18th Feb 2022

    Looks great but a little tricky to cut for reductions. Could do with guide lines or perhaps separate reduction flanges?

  • 4
    PVC TEE cover

    Posted by Paul E. on 20th Jan 2022

    Overall great products, the 3 foot insulation is much better than large box stores. Was a little tricky trying to trim the TEE cover with scissors or utility knife etc. would be nice if they were perforated to match the output side. May have outsmarted myself using One Inch insulation for our home in the basement which is now slightly colder than before ( had asbestos removed by a contractor)....may have been better off with Half Inch......over all very good product, next day delivery etc. Very nice videos, perhaps add one to cover a simple hanger situation.

  • 1
    Pvc T covers

    Posted by Louis M. on 1st Aug 2021

    Must be far more detailed to each situation and NOT one cover fits all!!!
    Such as 45 degree fittings, T’s that don’t need cut out!!!
    Simply need ti be deigned for a specific situation.

    *Louis, the Tee cover is designed for a standard three way tee (cut blank side off completely) or a top reducing tee (cutout blank to reduce). This fitting cover can be fabricated to fit other applications but takes some field fabrication to do so. -BIP

  • 5
    Tees, Elbows and insulation

    Posted by Don S. on 6th Dec 2019

    I found this product to work great. I especially found Bill to be very helpful with my order in the review and delivery.I installed the insulation on a new steam boiler and it was easy to use, with tacks and tape. When the pipe is reduced, i would use the same insulation at the tee or elbow and reduce with the insulation and tape over it. You have to plan your own job, but the product was great as was the service.

  • 5
    Easy install good results

    Posted by George R. on 29th Oct 2019

    Headline says it all.

  • 4
    Easy install and looks great

    Posted by MTR Welding Works on 16th Jul 2019

    Quality product that installs very easy and looks like a pro installed it.

  • 4
    Crucial part but finicky to get right

    Posted by Bill L. on 22nd Apr 2019

    I've not finished the project, but have installed enough of these to get a feel for the procedure. And it's normally a pain. The insulation has to be cut to fit, and then the plastic cover has to be cut to fit. Sometimes this is easy, like when running a T with the same pipe diameter, and other times it is a real PITA when it runs into an elbow or other PVC product. These old houses sure didn't consider that the insulation would ever get switched out. Also noticed that the mold for the product is uneven, so there are thin and thick parts to the PVC, making it a little more exciting for folks using a box knife to trim the edges.

    *Bill, sorry to hear about the trouble with installing on reducers and close to 90°s. A little effort now will pay off with good looks for decades to come! ~ BIP

  • 4
    Great once installed

    Posted by John T. on 9th Nov 2018

    Kind of difficult to install especially when tee is reduced to a smaller pipe because you would have to cut the hole to size.

    Tacks were a little frustrating because wearing gloves, the tacks were small and difficult to insert. Even when inserting tacks prior to fitting cover on pipe. The tacks would puncture the PVC cover and create a crack in the cover, though that would be my recommended method of inserting tacks.

    After having said that, it is a a great item because it gives it a good looking product at the end and it is easier to use than other methods such as cutting into insulation or wrapping around the fittings.

  • 5
    Looks great!

    Posted by Todd M. on 7th Aug 2018

    The PVC pipe covers look so much neater and cleaner than the old method! Makes the basement room feel clean and finished. Quick and easy to install. I'll be purchasing more for the rest of the basement.