Board Insulation

HVAC Board Insulation products are used to insulate interior and exterior commercial HVAC ductwork. Fiberglass is the most commonly used HVAC insulation; however we also have mineralwool insulation boards for sale, which have a higher temperature rating (used more for industrial ductwork).

  • Fiberglass Board Insulation: We offer insulating boards in multiple thicknesses (1", 1-1/2", 2") and multiple facings (Plain, ASJ, FRK) and multiple densities (3#/6#).
    • ASJ Facing: White poly-encapsulated paper jacketing used mostly for interior HVAC ductwork
    • FRK Facing: Foil Reinforced Kraft paper jacketing is used on interior and exterior HVAC ductwork and is used on exterior ductwork in conjunction with an aluminum protective membrane.
  • Mineralwool Board Insulation: Used on high temperature ductwork with max operating temperatures up to 1200°F.
  • Rubber Elastomeric Sheets: Used as insulation on chillers and ductwork with "fiber free" restrictions such as hospitals.
  • Aluminum Cladding: Aluminum Cladding membranes and tapes protect exterior HVAC insulation from UV and weather.
  • Pins / Fasteners: Tools and fasteners used to installing HVAC board insulation on ductwork.
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