Winter is Coming!  Insulate your Heating Pipes Today!

Winter is Coming! Insulate your Heating Pipes Today!

Posted by BIP on 8th Sep 2021


What better way to drum up sales than to scare our customers. Just kidding obviously, but we do want to remind our customers that the fall is the perfect time to insulate your heating pipes.  Your boilers are off so you don't have to worry about extremely hot temperatures during your install.   Below is a list of all the reasons we could come up with as to why you should consider insulating these pipes today...

  1. Perfect Temperature in unconditioned spaces.  Summer months are too hot and once the boiler fires on the winter is surprisingly too hot as well.
  2. Products are currently available.  We try our best to have all our products/sizes in stock and ship in a timely fashion however with the supply issues we have seen in the market, this winter may have popular items with longer than usual lead times.
  3. Inflation Concerns.  With rising prices on construction materials we have seen costs go up on a consistent basis in 2021.  If this inflation trend continues, pricing may go up in the last quarter of the year.  Prices are guaranteed to increase in January 2022, so now is the time to buy and save yourself from rising costs.
  4. Free Time.  We know you work hard but we find that with all our summer chores wrapped up, we have some extra time on our hands to take on a small project.  Make that project insulating those steam pipes.
  5. Available Helpers.  If you have middle school or high school aged children, they may be going back to school or may still be virtual learning at home.  Now is a perfect time to get your son/daughter involved in helping with an insulation project to get out of doing algebra homework.
  6. Holidays Are Coming!  As we get older time flies, and before you know it the holidays will be here and your free time will be consumed with Christmas shopping and watching It's A Wonderful Life for the fiftieth time.

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