New Product: Resilmount A9

New Product: Resilmount A9

Posted by BIP on 3rd Feb 2021

New Product Alert! Buy Insulation Products is proud to announce that we now offer Studco Resilmount A96R Clips.  BIP has now expanded its Resilient Isolation Clip offering to 7 different clips from 4 of the leading manufacturers in the soundproofing industry.  The A96R can also be converted to the A106R Low Profile Clip as well.

Resilmount A96R 4" Drop Clips

Resilmount A96R Clips have a 4" leg which allows the clip to be fastened to the side of a ceiling joist to allow leveling of the hat channel on the ceiling. The A96R is a hybrid of the standard A237R clip with the A48R 4" leg. The A96R can also easily be converted into the Resilmount A106R Low Profile Clip.

A106R Low Profile Conversion: The A96R can easily be converted into the A106R Low Profile Clip by undoing the bolt and repositioning the clip to the other end of the leg. *Requires wrench/plier.

A106R Low Profile Clip Converted from A96R