New Product: Insulator In A Box

New Product: Insulator In A Box

Posted by BIP on 1st Apr 2021

Our newest product offering here at Buy Insulation Products is our one of a kind Insulator In A Box!

Our Insulator In A Box product ships our mascot, BIP, directly to your home or jobsite. BIP comes with all of his tools and will install all of your pipe insulation within 2 hours or your money back! Please feed BIP immediately upon opening the box. Return BIP within 1 day with the prepaid return label. Throw in some granola bars for his long trip back to us.


  1. Add one Insulator In A Box to your next pipe insulation order.
  2. Wait until your packages arrive.
  3. Open box immediately and feed insulator. WARNING: Never feed insulator in a box after midnight! Avoid contact with water too.
  4. Sit back and let the insulator take care of your insulation project.
  5. Catch insulator and put him back in the box.
    1. Lure him into the box with a granola bar.
    2. Include extra food for trip back.
  6. Mail back with prepaid shipping label.
  7. Once the insulator is returned safely, your deposit will be refunded.

Insulator In A Box

*NOTE: Buy Insulation Products is not responsible for the following: Dead insulator upon arrival. Medical bills if insulator is injured on the job. Insulator flirting with wives or daughters. Damages caused to your property when trying to put insulator back into the box. Cost to feed insulator during his stay at your home (he gets hungry). Damages to your car, please hide car keys from insulator. Long distance phone calls made by the insulator. Poor performance, insulator is not actually trained at installing pipe insulation. No refunds, if you actually add this to your cart and checkout we will gladly keep the money while laughing all the way to the bank! April Fools