Insulating Pipes for Winter | Buy Insulation Products

Insulating Pipes for Winter | Buy Insulation Products

Posted by BIP on 3rd Nov 2023

We just want to remind our customers that fall is the perfect time to insulate your heating pipes. Your boilers are mostly off so you don't have to worry about extremely hot temperatures during your install. Below is a list of all the reasons we could come up with as to why you should consider insulating pipes for winter...

  1. Perfect Temperature in unconditioned spaces. Summer months are too hot and once the boiler fires on, the winter is surprisingly too hot as well.
  2. Products are currently available. We try our best to have all our products/sizes in stock and ship in a timely fashion, however with all of the vendor supply issues we have seen in the market, this winter will most likely result in longer lead times on popular items.
  3. Prices Keep Going Up: Last year we wrote that there were inflation "concerns". Unfortunately those concerns have become a reality with material prices continuing to increase each quarter. With no end in sight it may now be the time to pull the trigger on purchasing rather than wait for the 2023 increases.
  4. Oil/Gas Prices Keep Going Up: When it goes to rising costs, the insulation material cost increases are nothing compared to Oil and Gas pricing. Insulate now to save money on less energy usage.
  5. Free Time. We know that summer takes a lot of our free time away with vacations and yard chores. With that out of the way and the leaf raking over with now may be your time to take on a project. Make that project insulating those steam pipes before holiday shopping takes over your life.
  6. Available Helpers. With the holidays coming up quickly, you may have some bored high school or college students hanging around the house. You might as well put them to work on your insulation project.
  7. Holidays Are Coming! Time continues to fly by. Before you know it the holidays will be here and all free time will be gone. Get your insulation project done now by insulating pipes for winter, so your holidays are warm and energy efficient.